We Are More Than Menopause

Episode 19: Positive Perspectives with Peggy

September 27, 2023 Allison Season 1 Episode 19
Episode 19: Positive Perspectives with Peggy
We Are More Than Menopause
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We Are More Than Menopause
Episode 19: Positive Perspectives with Peggy
Sep 27, 2023 Season 1 Episode 19

In a world filled with extraordinary women, we bring you Peggy Pepper, a name that's bound to resonate with you as much as her remarkable story will. Her beauty, both inside and out, is awe-inspiring, and today, we're diving deep into what makes her shine.

Peggy Pepper is a global positivity propeller, and you can feel her positivity radiate from within. It's in her eyes, her smile, and the very essence of her being. She's not just a motivational and strategic mentor, she's an award-winning creative catalyst and writer, an author, a speaker, and a trusted confidant. Her journey includes successful entrepreneurship and a commitment to seeing the best in others.

But what sets Peggy apart is her unwavering belief that the glass is not just half full, it's refillable. She'll share her incredible journey from a challenging point in her life to becoming the radiant, impactful woman she is today. She'll inspire you to embrace your own inner sparks and trust your intuition because, as Peggy believes, we're all born to sparkle in our unique ways.

Join us as we unravel Peggy's story and uncover the secrets to living a sparkling life. This podcast is your guide to finding your inner brilliance, even in the most unexpected places. So, get ready to be inspired, motivated, and uplifted, as we embark on this journey with Peggy Pepper.

Tune in, believe in yourself, and let's make life sparkle together! ✨💫


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In a world filled with extraordinary women, we bring you Peggy Pepper, a name that's bound to resonate with you as much as her remarkable story will. Her beauty, both inside and out, is awe-inspiring, and today, we're diving deep into what makes her shine.

Peggy Pepper is a global positivity propeller, and you can feel her positivity radiate from within. It's in her eyes, her smile, and the very essence of her being. She's not just a motivational and strategic mentor, she's an award-winning creative catalyst and writer, an author, a speaker, and a trusted confidant. Her journey includes successful entrepreneurship and a commitment to seeing the best in others.

But what sets Peggy apart is her unwavering belief that the glass is not just half full, it's refillable. She'll share her incredible journey from a challenging point in her life to becoming the radiant, impactful woman she is today. She'll inspire you to embrace your own inner sparks and trust your intuition because, as Peggy believes, we're all born to sparkle in our unique ways.

Join us as we unravel Peggy's story and uncover the secrets to living a sparkling life. This podcast is your guide to finding your inner brilliance, even in the most unexpected places. So, get ready to be inspired, motivated, and uplifted, as we embark on this journey with Peggy Pepper.

Tune in, believe in yourself, and let's make life sparkle together! ✨💫


Blog: https://www.positiveonpurpose.com/weeklycolumn



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Allison Kenney: hi, Pam. welcome to. We are more than menopause our podcast

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Pam Shipley: today. We have one of the most extraordinary women and the most beautiful women ever seen. Her name is Peggy Pepper. So you guys are, gonna see all the promos for it. You are going to see what she looks like, and you are going to be astounded at her beauty. But it's not just her outside beauty. It's her inner beauty that you are going to be absolutely floored by today. So I wanna give you a little bit of background.

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Pam Shipley: She is a global positivity propeller and you can see it. It comes from within her. It's on her skin, it's in her eyes, it's in her smile. She is a motivational and strategic mentor. She's an award, winning, creative catalyst and writer. She's an author, speaker, A. Your secrets are safe with me, friend. She is a successful serial entrepreneur, and devoted to others, seeing and believing the best about themselves.

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Pam Shipley: She is a spontaneous gift giver. I love that, and party thrower a believer in the glass being refillable.

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Pam Shipley: she is a later in life ordained minister, a lover of loud belly, laughter flawed to perfection, unvarnished truth teller, chooser of curiosity to fuel courage, a believer in better over bitter and a celebrator of every precious day. Peggy Pepper, welcome!

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Pam Shipley: I actually already quoted you. Last night I was having dinner with a young couple. These are like 27 and 29 year old couple, and we were talking about the glass, and they're entrepreneurs in the glass being half full and rose covered glasses. And I said, You know I heard actually the best quote ever, which is the glass is refillable. Absolutely.

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Pam Shipley: Share a little bit about your glass being refillable. And what brought you to the power of positivity.

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Peggy Pepper: Oh, I would love to! II have. I'm quite a bit older than you all are, so I've gone through midlife. I all I can say is with great great positivity is that there is more to come. There is absolutely more to come.

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Peggy Pepper: Everybody that's in the middle of all of this right now. You are just in the middle, and it is a great opening for whatever is next for you, for sure, for sure I can attest to that. So hang in there.

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Allison Kenney: Get to a place right now in your life where you're I need to share this message.

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Allison Kenney: and why this message, and how did you come to it that you needed this in your life? And  What is it done for you?

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Peggy Pepper: Well, I will tell you that when I started this in 2,019,

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Peggy Pepper: I was in my own sort of valley in my life, where I had done a lot of things. I'd been successful in a lot of things. I was. I had a really successful company that did about a billion in revenues, and I had a business partner at the time, who

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Peggy Pepper: turned into being my husband. Well, he was a great business partner and a miserable husband miserable. It was a nightmare. So I had

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Peggy Pepper: divested myself of all of those things, and was

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Peggy Pepper: looking at what I felt like at the time was really

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Peggy Pepper: failings in my life. Failings in my judgment. What was I going to do next?

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Peggy Pepper: And a lot of the clients that I have right now are in midlife, and they're wondering how in the world?

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Peggy Pepper: After checking all the boxes and being as perfect as possible, how in the world were they gonna reinvent themselves when somehow they had lost themselves along the way. And so that's exactly how I was feeling when I started this in 2,019, I said every morning I need to get up and have something positive to kick off my day.

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Peggy Pepper: So I started posting on Facebook. One of the things I've learned

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Peggy Pepper: that's an absolute, I know for sure is when I am the most down. If I will do something to help somebody else be up.

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Peggy Pepper: then I'll get up along with them, and so, and it is a it's a big secret, and it's true. It's you know, there's a there's a quote that's like, Make your

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Peggy Pepper: mess your mission. And so that's really how I was feeling. I mean, II had a 50 pound lip. I was dragging around on the floor behind me about my life. And I said, I, I've got to do something.

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Peggy Pepper: And I think I had 6 people go on my first Facebook, my first pace Facebook post. So I said, Wow, I mean, you know, I've got some minimum here. And and now I have around 100,000 followers on various platforms put together.

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Allison Kenney: And I realized that 2,000

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Peggy Pepper: quotes and I put them in my journal. Oh, I'm so glad that's great. Well, II realized that that kind of momentum, the need for finding something to pump me up

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Peggy Pepper: went just went viral. And I wasn't even trying to create a brand or anything. I was just trying to do something that was good for me, that, I realized was actually being good for a lot of other people. And so women are my favorite people to work with, and I work

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Peggy Pepper: what I have found in my work as a consultant, both professionally and then personally, with people with women in particular who are entrepreneurs is that

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Peggy Pepper: there are 2 distinct groups of women, and one group is 35 to 55,

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Peggy Pepper: and they have all those boxes, and they're checking them as fast as they can go. And then the next group is the sort of in the middle of menopause to the other side of menopause where there are no boxes anymore, and it feels like the wild West of your life.

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Peggy Pepper: And

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Peggy Pepper: and you feel like you're not sure you even know who you are any more, because all the ways in which you're identified as as somebody else's

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Peggy Pepper: mother, wife, sister, employee, whatever it is, and the you of you has gotten lost in the shuffle. And so there is a positive path that I have found for myself. There is a positive path that has been absolutely the tried and true for me. And so what I believe is, if I can share that with other people.

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Peggy Pepper: then they can take it

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Peggy Pepper: as my sharing. It's not my telling someone what to do, but I think as women and as friends, you know, when we sit down with each other with a glass of wine, and we say, This is what's up with me. Then? Then, as friends, we say, well, this is what's up with me, and somewhere in the middle. We land on what works for us, and I went back to school.

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Peggy Pepper: As a dream of mine. I went back to school and became an ordained minister after having this 1 billion dollar company. And I feel like I can bring to the table real business down to Earth nitty, gritty strategic

00:08:21.390 --> 00:08:39.059
Peggy Pepper: how this works in the world and the spiritual side of things, which is, where is your heart, and what matters to you most? And how do we create a strategic plan for you to repurpose your life. So that's how I work with clients

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Pam Shipley: in your work to you. Is it time ended? Is it 6 weeks or 8 weeks, or is it ongoing? How does that work for you?

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Peggy Pepper: I've I've been doing this since 2,005, and so I have clients that come back and forth to me, and I think I sent this to the 2 of you when I was talking about what I'm doing. II have literally worked with my clients from the whiskers on their chin to wealth management. Well, and yes, sometimes at the same time. But I really think that

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Peggy Pepper: to have someone like a me which is sort of a hybrid thing. I would never call myself a coach. I really see myself more as a mentor, because I've got this sort of dual background, plus, I'm remarried and have gone through the whole blended family

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Peggy Pepper: thing later in life. So I know that blended family is a lovely term, but it's often more like family in the blender. And so, and I have some dear friends whose husbands have died, and now they're dating late in life, and just the rock and roll of life for all of us. We have got to have

00:10:01.710 --> 00:10:11.369
Peggy Pepper: source that we can go back to where their secrets are safe with someone. They they believe that

00:10:11.500 --> 00:10:22.650
Peggy Pepper: in my case, that I am 100% there for them, and I've got some clients who asked me to sign a nondisclosure agreement because

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Peggy Pepper: there are people who are on the marquee in the world.

00:10:26.500 --> 00:10:39.769
Peggy Pepper: and they need somebody who sees them as a person, and not with their bright lights in Big City. Persona that's out in the world. So you know, I've worked with

00:10:39.870 --> 00:10:44.529
Peggy Pepper: just all all kinds of clients, just young women straight out of college.

00:10:44.590 --> 00:10:59.390
Peggy Pepper:  We all have the desire to be known. We all have the desire to be seen. We all want to have a positive perspective about ourselves. We all wanna feel self confident we wanna feel authentic.

00:10:59.450 --> 00:11:10.600
Peggy Pepper: And sometimes that's just hard to get to, after all the layers that we put on ourselves to make life work in the whatever chapter we're in.

00:11:10.970 --> 00:11:12.100
Allison Kenney: And so I

00:11:12.220 --> 00:11:23.769
Allison Kenney: go ahead, Alison, I say, I do think that you know, as we're as we progress through life. When we go through life, all those layers change and they move, and then they look like they're stable. And you're like, Yeah.

00:11:23.900 --> 00:11:25.060
Allison Kenney: I got this.

00:11:25.340 --> 00:11:31.169
Allison Kenney: And then something shifts again, and then something shifts again. And there's many times where you can go.

00:11:31.280 --> 00:11:37.800
Allison Kenney: Okay, II don't know if I can do this. II just I don't know if I can do this, and it takes

00:11:38.970 --> 00:11:39.910
Allison Kenney: that

00:11:42.230 --> 00:11:45.690
Allison Kenney: the face. It takes courage. It takes

00:11:45.740 --> 00:11:53.180
Allison Kenney: really digging down to go. I can do this, and it helps to have the positive environment around you.

00:11:53.240 --> 00:11:58.709
Allison Kenney: And I know that you have a newsletter that I get

00:11:58.760 --> 00:12:07.599
Allison Kenney: that has so many subscribers. But I look forward to that email that's filled with such positive

00:12:07.650 --> 00:12:09.260
Allison Kenney: messages

00:12:09.280 --> 00:12:23.620
Peggy Pepper: that I could take and put into my life too. So I'm so glad. But you know, I just like being down to Earth. III think we complicate, especially as women. We complicate things way too much. And there ways in which

00:12:23.660 --> 00:12:47.390
Pam Shipley: sometimes people have just laughed at me about the things that I've suggested that they do, because they seem too simple. But then, you know, when I throw them on the floor and stand on them and make them do these simple things they're like that was so easy. Who knew? So

00:12:47.390 --> 00:12:54.919
Pam Shipley: it being hard. And things are now as hard as we think they are in our head. Yeah, and our self-talk

00:12:54.930 --> 00:13:00.260
Peggy Pepper: are, you know, talking ourselves out of what

00:13:00.420 --> 00:13:14.909
Peggy Pepper: is the most simple thing? Because, you know, I think we want to go from 0 to Grand. We want it accomplished. and it's so hard to be a beginner again. It's so hard to feel like.

00:13:15.080 --> 00:13:33.269
Peggy Pepper: So you know, so many of our our times in life. We're doing one thing that's expected of us, but there's a dream that will not leave us alone, that sits up on a shelf in our life somewhere that says, What about me? What about me? What about me?

00:13:33.310 --> 00:13:45.950
Peggy Pepper: And to give up what you know, and give up what you are supposed to be doing to do the what about me feels like you have to take everything in your current life

00:13:45.950 --> 00:14:07.019
Peggy Pepper: and not do any of it. You know you have to like. Stop everything and tell your family you're gonna start wearing a live animal as a hat going forward. And you know, like you have to freak everybody off the computer and then turn it back on. And you're saying that you actually don't have to do that

00:14:07.270 --> 00:14:23.919
Allison Kenney: easier way into a transition absolutely. If you've got, if we have, do we have enough time for

00:14:24.040 --> 00:14:37.409
Allison Kenney: how do you get past this to get to the stage where you want to be when you've had to ship, and you've had to make a big pivot, or you've had something, a divorce, a death, something like that. Happen. How do you make that ship to a new

00:14:37.490 --> 00:14:38.590
Allison Kenney: perspective?

00:14:38.780 --> 00:14:57.999
Peggy Pepper: Well, I can tell you 1 one thing that's worked for me for years, and it's worked for my clients. One thing is sort of is a chain of one story with one idea. That's okay. And that is, I believe that all of us were born to sparkle in some way.

00:14:58.090 --> 00:15:10.050
Peggy Pepper: and the way we sparkle is to begin to listen to our own sparks. We begin to listen to that intuitive voice that says, Try this.

00:15:10.110 --> 00:15:19.539
Peggy Pepper: And so, years ago, I was really on the path of repurposing myself, thinking about how I wanted to do things differently.

00:15:19.570 --> 00:15:40.110
Peggy Pepper: And so my spark came when I saw a course that was being taught at night about life purpose. So I said, Okay, I okay, I'm gonna act on this spark because this has been rolling in me now for a while, and this has come to me. And so I'm gonna take this as a spark.

00:15:40.190 --> 00:15:54.380
Peggy Pepper: I signed up for the class, and this is what I'm saying about not having to do everything. So I signed up for this class, and I said. I'll go one night and see if this is if this is going to spark me more.

00:15:54.660 --> 00:16:08.489
Peggy Pepper: So I ended up taking the entire class, and during the class. Another spark hit me, and you're gonna laugh at this. But this is how it works. There's a girl sitting across from me who always showed up after working out.

00:16:08.530 --> 00:16:19.180
Peggy Pepper: and she had, and I was wanting to get also in better shape. Then she had the most gorgeous arms I'd ever seen, and I thought every time in class I thought, Wow!

00:16:19.220 --> 00:16:28.309
Peggy Pepper: She, she has the most gorgeous arms I've ever seen. The spark was. Tell her. Tell her, ask her how she got it.

00:16:28.380 --> 00:16:49.500
Peggy Pepper: Don't be afraid to look foolish by saying, My God, you have the most gorgeous heart! So she told me about her trainer. Well, so I got his name and address, and found out that his Jim was close to me, and that led me to another spark, and I went to the trainer.

00:16:49.620 --> 00:16:58.350
Peggy Pepper: and when I met the trainer the trainer told me about this man who was getting a divorce. and

00:16:58.380 --> 00:17:08.189
Peggy Pepper: and so so there's a long story to that. But the the bottom line is another spark hit me, and that was

00:17:08.339 --> 00:17:17.229
Peggy Pepper: the marriage that I had had. I had a wedding ring that I kept thinking that I was going to get reset.

00:17:17.280 --> 00:17:41.579
Peggy Pepper: and it's sat in a box and sat in a box. And how many of us have things from our former life close in our closet. That platter that we were gonna entertain with all it does is remind us of what we're not doing that. If we were the perfect Martha Stewart kind of person, we we would have that platter out at all times. Look, you know, new hors d'oeuvre recipes right?

00:17:41.880 --> 00:18:02.619
Peggy Pepper: And so I decided one afternoon Spark, that I needed to get rid of the energy of that wedding ring altogether, that it needed to leave the box that had been sitting in for years, and I took it one afternoon to a jeweller, and of course he gave me no money for it. I didn't care. It was gone

00:18:03.030 --> 00:18:08.740
Peggy Pepper: and spark. I said, you know, I could go to an afternoon workout instead.

00:18:08.800 --> 00:18:14.210
Peggy Pepper: So I walk into the gym. I'm overweight. I'm like really overweight.

00:18:14.220 --> 00:18:35.539
Peggy Pepper: I walk into the gym, but I've got this jacket on. I've got this long skirt and cowboy boots, and I'm all flouncy. I walk into the gym. Well, I was gonna change clothes. Yeah. Anyway, I walk in and the trainer is working out with this guy who is really cute. He had these ice blue eyes.

00:18:35.760 --> 00:18:54.339
Peggy Pepper: and oh, spark! You know, spark, spark! And so it occurred to me that this is my strategic mind here for you. It occurred to me that if I went in the restroom and changed clothes until I had some idea that that cute Guy had left.

00:18:54.590 --> 00:18:56.790
Peggy Pepper: that he would see me

00:18:56.830 --> 00:19:10.090
Peggy Pepper: looking like a 10 pound sausage stuffed in a 5 pound. No kidding, and so I sat in there. I was all dressed. I sat in there sitting on the toilet with a lid.

00:19:10.170 --> 00:19:26.490
Peggy Pepper: sitting there for about 10 min, and I came out. The trainer said, that guy. I gave that guy your phone number, and 27 years later I am married to that guy, and that is the way

00:19:26.710 --> 00:19:33.710
Allison Kenney: you get your sparkle right. Pay attention to these things that are unusual hits.

00:19:33.980 --> 00:19:38.329
Peggy Pepper: And you say to yourself, I'm I'm going to take action on that

00:19:38.370 --> 00:19:44.770
Peggy Pepper: because this feels like it's come out of the blue. But I'm not gonna let these sparks go.

00:19:44.950 --> 00:19:56.020
Peggy Pepper: and what that does for everyone that I've ever suggested that they try. This is that we begin to trust our intuition more

00:19:56.270 --> 00:20:10.019
Peggy Pepper: it works for us, we begin to have confidence in our inner voice which has been silenced for who knows how long and for how many reasons.

00:20:10.080 --> 00:20:34.960
Peggy Pepper: and we begin to have literally. I'm not kidding you. If you have felt depressed, if you have felt anxious and you start watching your own momentum for your own inner voice. You start watching that in action, and you start seeing the ways in which it leads you on a positive path or a path of more discernment. Where you can

00:20:34.960 --> 00:20:46.880
Peggy Pepper: say I'm going to try this, and if it doesn't work, then I'm acting on my inner, my inner essence. I'm acting on what nobody else could tell me but me.

00:20:46.920 --> 00:20:57.240
Peggy Pepper: So that's how I believe that we begin to sparkle because people see it in us. and it didn't. It didn't come from a book.

00:20:57.350 --> 00:21:09.249
Peggy Pepper: It didn't come from one more course to take. In general, it really, our own inner voice is so powerful and so strong if we'll listen to it. And I think that Beth.

00:21:09.350 --> 00:21:12.390
Allison Kenney: the message that I'm hearing is that

00:21:12.630 --> 00:21:16.219
Allison Kenney: we've got to believe ourselves, I mean, where we fully have

00:21:16.250 --> 00:21:18.739
Allison Kenney: got so much experience

00:21:18.770 --> 00:21:21.810
Allison Kenney: of the good things that we've done in our lives

00:21:21.890 --> 00:21:36.189
Allison Kenney: to be where we are today. Take a hold of those and own that story and say, you know what II get. I believe in myself. I I'm going to listen to this, even though I've got all these naysayers in my head.

00:21:36.440 --> 00:21:41.279
Allison Kenney: I need to listen to these things and trust in myself. And I think that's a huge message.

00:21:41.370 --> 00:22:08.450
Peggy Pepper: II believe that when we we realized that we talked to ourselves more than we ever talked to anyone else, and I almost didn't go get rid of my the wedding ring. I did the things that sit in our lives that remind us of what we're not doing.

00:22:08.450 --> 00:22:27.950
Peggy Pepper: what we're not accomplishing, the parties that we have. We will look at all of this stuff that we see on social media about the glossy life that everybody else has, and we just have forgotten to clean out the kitty litter for 2 weeks, you know. I mean, we

00:22:27.980 --> 00:22:37.999
Allison Kenney: yeah. And looking at all this glossy stuff, I mean the filters that people put on their glossy live.

00:22:38.140 --> 00:22:44.620
Peggy Pepper: And I'm just not that way. I mean, II just think we have got to hitch up to

00:22:45.030 --> 00:23:09.730
Peggy Pepper: I really really real sales, the self that wants to flop on the sofa in our old comfy socks and our old binky, and just fill out and say, tomorrow I will get what I need to do done. But I need to get off my own back today is that you know what

00:23:09.950 --> 00:23:19.630
Allison Kenney: it's okay. I can do that if I if I don't make bread for them for the neighbor that's going through something.

00:23:20.290 --> 00:23:22.309
Allison Kenney: cause I just don't have it.

00:23:22.480 --> 00:23:28.550
Allison Kenney: That's okay. But I will do it another day, and I'll get to it. But right now it's okay.

00:23:28.810 --> 00:23:39.770
Peggy Pepper: And you know what so often I have a friend whose husband's been going through prostate I mean pancreatic cancer, and you know, terrible, terrible, terrible. And

00:23:40.110 --> 00:23:44.499
Peggy Pepper: all I know is that what she loves is to be loved.

00:23:44.600 --> 00:23:59.360
Peggy Pepper: and the way she is loved is by my calling her and saying, I love you, I love you. Period! I hate it that you're going through this. I tell her the truth, and I don't

00:23:59.590 --> 00:24:03.460
Peggy Pepper: put myself under the gun to

00:24:03.940 --> 00:24:10.100
Peggy Pepper: to bake the bread, or to, you know, bring dinner, or whatever

00:24:10.320 --> 00:24:27.099
Peggy Pepper: she will tell me when she knows that she's loved and safe with me. She will tell me I need for you to pick up something for me I need for you to run to the grocery store for me, but she has to feel loved and safe first, and my performance

00:24:27.110 --> 00:24:45.970
Peggy Pepper: for her is not gonna make her feel that way. So

00:24:46.350 --> 00:24:55.360
Allison Kenney: not very many people are in my circle, and when you have that safety net, then you're able to

00:24:55.830 --> 00:24:58.029
Allison Kenney: find solace.

00:24:58.330 --> 00:25:06.489
Peggy Pepper: Yeah. And I, one of the tenets of being positive on purpose is to realize that

00:25:06.920 --> 00:25:18.810
Peggy Pepper: it's not suzy sunshine stuff. It's not pretending, it's not pretending, not pretending authentic, and it and it is.

00:25:18.850 --> 00:25:30.830
Peggy Pepper: It is speaking the unvarnished truth in the most compassionate way. And that's one thing that I teach people that I work with is, how did how to do that, and

00:25:30.840 --> 00:25:34.430
Peggy Pepper: to to really know

00:25:34.610 --> 00:25:52.360
Peggy Pepper: that when you can have the most horrible things in your life happen and say, Where is the lesson? What am I learning from this. What do I need to know right now, then, every thing and every person, especially these

00:25:52.360 --> 00:26:04.900
Peggy Pepper: devastating times that have happened to me, and someday I'll share some of those things with you all, but it led me to. There's got to be a purpose for this. I'm not. I'm just not this

00:26:04.900 --> 00:26:25.160
Peggy Pepper: punching bag victim. There's gotta be a purpose here for everything in my life. What is that purpose? And that doesn't mean that I'm not gonna throw myself on the floor and have a huge hissy fit.

00:26:25.200 --> 00:26:49.129
Peggy Pepper: You have the hissy fit first. It's not even that. I don't even say you put on your big girl panties. What I do is I, you know, when you've been really upset, and you you are reduced to tears, and you just cry yourself out, you know, when you're through. I mean, you know, we know when we're just

00:26:49.230 --> 00:27:07.259
Peggy Pepper: spent, but it feels good that we've gotten it out of our system. And then the next thing you do is you say, what? What can I do in this moment? What can I control? In this moment I was in a car wreck, a terrible car wreck in high school, and was not

00:27:07.270 --> 00:27:13.760
Peggy Pepper: given much chance to live, and I was in a coma for quite a while.

00:27:13.780 --> 00:27:21.049
Peggy Pepper: and I guess I was coming around. and in that in that time I said to myself.

00:27:21.160 --> 00:27:38.749
Peggy Pepper: What can I do? I'm in. I'm in this coma, I mean. What can I do. So you're having an inner conversation, even though people around you think you can't hear anything you can absolutely. And so what I realized was, I could wiggle my toes.

00:27:39.160 --> 00:27:43.809
Peggy Pepper: and I could tell my brain to wiggle my toes.

00:27:44.090 --> 00:27:48.170
Peggy Pepper: and, wiggling my toes, got me started

00:27:48.180 --> 00:27:56.499
Peggy Pepper: the next step, and the next step, and the next step. But there's a life force in all of us that when we

00:27:57.030 --> 00:28:04.130
Peggy Pepper: attached to that life force in a positive way, and there are methods to do that which I teach people.

00:28:04.400 --> 00:28:14.710
Peggy Pepper: When we attach to that it will carry us through the worst of times, because again, we'll take one step and the next, and the next, and the next.

00:28:14.830 --> 00:28:24.719
Peggy Pepper: And that's the way a life of positivity happens. One of the other tenants is that we live life forward.

00:28:24.920 --> 00:28:34.349
Peggy Pepper: We understand life backward. And so what happens it? I mean, think of the time. That is a very powerful statement.

00:28:34.430 --> 00:28:39.980
Peggy Pepper: And and it's true. I mean, think of the times when you say when I look back on whatever

00:28:40.020 --> 00:28:55.189
Peggy Pepper: I actually learned blah blah blah, I mean it. When I look back on what happened to me, I realized, XYZ. Whatever it is, and are all the times in our lives when we say we're gonna look back on this one day and laugh.

00:28:55.340 --> 00:29:08.529
Peggy Pepper: Well, I mean, that's that's what Faith is is. Knowing that we will. We will see a purpose, and it will be profound. But it may be later.

00:29:08.650 --> 00:29:36.269
Peggy Pepper: and knowing that will keep you going, you know you just don't. Yes, you have to crumble, you have to get mad. You have to get upset. You have to say, Why me for a while, and then you say, Why not me? I this is what I needed to learn. This is how I need to go forward this. These are the people I need to ask for help from so whole process of getting back on your feet and finding people like.

00:29:36.280 --> 00:29:59.760
Peggy Pepper: you know, taking the mastermind that we where we all met each other, I mean, we've benefited so much from asking for help. Well, that is a positive move on all 3 of our parts about our dreams about who's gonna help us? Who's gonna be the win beneath our wings and give us momentum to go forward.

00:29:59.760 --> 00:30:06.749
Peggy Pepper: and that that to me is how you think about life in a positive perspective.

00:30:07.440 --> 00:30:08.400
Allison Kenney: Roughly.

00:30:08.650 --> 00:30:19.779
Pam Shipley: thank you. Thank you for sharing just a drop of your wisdom and your purpose and your mission in life.

00:30:19.850 --> 00:30:22.620
Pam Shipley: And for those of you.

00:30:22.740 --> 00:30:40.789
Allison Kenney: yeah, go ahead. I was just gonna say, where can they sign up for your newsletter? Where can they subscribe to this? Because it's I know it's it's so beneficial to me. But where can I listen? Yeah, it's Peggy Pepper. It's like Peggy Pepper, like salt and pepper at positive on Purposecom.

00:30:40.790 --> 00:31:08.960
Peggy Pepper: Very simple. And what? When people sign up I've created a 31 day card deck that they can download for themselves, and it gets printed out on the 8 and a half by 11. But it's it's shown if you wanted to cut each one out you could do it and keep it in your wallet. Keep it in your car, keep it by your bed, but it's 31 days of positive

00:31:08.960 --> 00:31:21.599
Peggy Pepper: messages about the life that you are destined to live. If you hitch up to a way of thinking that becomes a mindset and a way of life, that

00:31:21.610 --> 00:31:22.550
Peggy Pepper: where

00:31:22.620 --> 00:31:33.409
Allison Kenney: we have to learn a new language of positivity, and when you learn a new language, it's one step at a time. And then one day you just realize you're fluent at it, that your mind goes from

00:31:33.440 --> 00:31:42.660
Peggy Pepper: the negative thing into the positive solutions that you're actually looking for. So it's a process, and it's a commitment.

00:31:42.800 --> 00:31:54.100
Peggy Pepper: But if if you're a person that likes the mindfulness movement, then think about positivity and positive on purpose as the action that you can take

00:31:54.400 --> 00:31:57.620
Peggy Pepper: to further.

00:31:57.680 --> 00:32:11.960
Peggy Pepper: Yes, the mindfulness and the gratefulness. You have to take action to cement all of that and begin living that way absolutely. And there are a lot, if you understand

00:32:12.420 --> 00:32:27.389
Peggy Pepper: the positivity path. And you understand that all of us have to have action to back up what we think and feel. Then then you're just cementing a life to create a life for yourself.

00:32:27.440 --> 00:32:40.380
Peggy Pepper: That's more about passion and purpose and positivity. It all goes together, and it creates a beautiful way of thinking about your life, no matter what is going on.

00:32:40.880 --> 00:32:50.580
Allison Kenney: Thank you, Peggy. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it so much. I look forward to new subscribers and new people and

00:32:50.580 --> 00:33:13.880
Pam Shipley: new horizons ahead for all of us. You will definitely hear from us for sure. You think your message is beautiful, and it resonates with everyone. So thank you. We'll find we'll notify how you how you can be found.

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subscribe to our podcast

00:33:16.350 --> 00:33:33.699
Allison Kenney: and so you can be able to hear Peggy and I would love to have Ron again sometime and be able to be filled with. These amazing women that inspire us. And we've gotten more workshops and events coming up. So stay tuned.

00:33:34.270 --> 00:33:36.799
Allison Kenney: Thank you. Bye.