We Are More Than Menopause

Episode 21 Styling with Confidence with Hallie Abrams

October 24, 2023 Allison Season 1 Episode 21
Episode 21 Styling with Confidence with Hallie Abrams
We Are More Than Menopause
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We Are More Than Menopause
Episode 21 Styling with Confidence with Hallie Abrams
Oct 24, 2023 Season 1 Episode 21

Today we are thrilled to bring you a fashion guru who's all about taking the stress out of getting dressed. Hallie, our guest today, is a true throwback in the best way possible.

With a background in communication and marketing, Hallie sees clothing as a powerful means of expression. She knows that our outfits send non-verbal cues to those around us, and she's here to make sure those messages are intentional. Hallie's extensive experience in advertising, real estate, and retail gives her the expertise to help clients authentically express themselves through their wardrobe.

Hallie's journey in the world of fashion began in 2004 when her sister-in-law returned to work and needed a wardrobe makeover. Word of mouth quickly spread, and Hallie realized there was a white space for honest yet kind guidance in the realm of personal style. In 2005, she launched the Wardrobe Consultant, a systematic, personalized approach to styling that has empowered over a thousand clients from various walks of life.

Now that Hallie is entering another stage of life, she knows that fashion needs to be comfortable as well, whether it's hot flashes, night sweats, or a new "menobelly" her sage style advice is dedicated to making fashion attainable and enjoyable for everyone. She firmly believes that clothing is an optical illusion, giving us the power to control where attention goes and where it doesn't. It's all about creating visual harmony and balance, not just for looking put together but feeling confident in your own skin.

Join us as we delve into the secrets of styling, building confidence through fashion, and embracing your authentic self with Hallie, the go-to friend for fashion advice. So get ready to transform your wardrobe and style with the "Styling Confidence" podcast.

Hallie Abrams The Wardrobe Consultant

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Show Notes Transcript

Today we are thrilled to bring you a fashion guru who's all about taking the stress out of getting dressed. Hallie, our guest today, is a true throwback in the best way possible.

With a background in communication and marketing, Hallie sees clothing as a powerful means of expression. She knows that our outfits send non-verbal cues to those around us, and she's here to make sure those messages are intentional. Hallie's extensive experience in advertising, real estate, and retail gives her the expertise to help clients authentically express themselves through their wardrobe.

Hallie's journey in the world of fashion began in 2004 when her sister-in-law returned to work and needed a wardrobe makeover. Word of mouth quickly spread, and Hallie realized there was a white space for honest yet kind guidance in the realm of personal style. In 2005, she launched the Wardrobe Consultant, a systematic, personalized approach to styling that has empowered over a thousand clients from various walks of life.

Now that Hallie is entering another stage of life, she knows that fashion needs to be comfortable as well, whether it's hot flashes, night sweats, or a new "menobelly" her sage style advice is dedicated to making fashion attainable and enjoyable for everyone. She firmly believes that clothing is an optical illusion, giving us the power to control where attention goes and where it doesn't. It's all about creating visual harmony and balance, not just for looking put together but feeling confident in your own skin.

Join us as we delve into the secrets of styling, building confidence through fashion, and embracing your authentic self with Hallie, the go-to friend for fashion advice. So get ready to transform your wardrobe and style with the "Styling Confidence" podcast.

Hallie Abrams The Wardrobe Consultant

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00:00:03.710 --> 00:00:04.750
Pam Shipley: Allie.

00:00:05.050 --> 00:00:06.150
Allison Kenney: Hi, pam.

00:00:07.380 --> 00:00:27.630
Pam Shipley: welcome to. We are menopause the Podcast and today our guest is Halle abrams. She is wardrobe, consultant guy. She is our wardrobe consult. She lives in Sugar Falls, which is actually where my husband grew up. Funny enough, and when I saw that it was just like such a

00:00:27.630 --> 00:00:43.509
Pam Shipley: such a throwback for me. Hallie is known for taking the stress out of getting dressed. Gosh knows we all need that. She spends most days working one on one with clients ensuring. They have a comprehensive understanding of how to look and feel their best confident

00:00:43.700 --> 00:01:13.150
Pam Shipley: person. She's a fashion nerd at heart. She views dressing as a form of communication, and a way to externally express our inner self. Knowing our clothing can make non verbal cues to people around us. Halle makes sure the messages being sent are intentional. Her degree is in communication and marketing, her years in advertising her experience in real est, in retail and her aesthetic. I give her the expertise to help clients express their authentic selves through their wardrobe.

00:01:13.370 --> 00:01:27.919
Pam Shipley: So in 2,004, Hallie's sister-in-law actually returned to work after raising her children, and reached out for help updating her wardrobe. And then her sister-in-law's friend started asking for the same kind of help, and she realized she was actually onto something. And there was a white space.

00:01:27.950 --> 00:01:53.230
Pam Shipley: So women are actually looking for honest but kind guidance and building wardrobes to take their style and life to the next level. So in 2,005 she launched the wardrobe, consultant style, real people for real life, systematic plan to approach wardrobe in a personalized way for styling methods. Methods have helped over a thousand clients ranging from doctors to teachers, to marketing execs. To moms.

00:01:53.310 --> 00:02:17.810
Pam Shipley: Allie is passionate about making fashion attainable and fun, whether it's by working one on one, sharing her style, advice on her blog, or posting Tryon sessions on social media, or sharing all of her tips and tricks through her, feel flipping, fabulous, online, styling course she's dedicated to helping people feel good and confident in their clothes. She is the go to friend for fashion advice.

00:02:17.810 --> 00:02:26.560
Pam Shipley: and through the wardrobe consultant. She is now your go-to friend as well, and I know that I have been following you for the last. I don't know.

00:02:26.640 --> 00:02:45.450
Pam Shipley: Almost a year, and it's been a game changer I I've put on. I've I have actually bought a ton of the stuff that you have tried on like I'm obsessed. Huge Fan. Thank you. Thank you for being here today. So glad to have you. Thank you so much.

00:02:45.960 --> 00:02:48.780
Allison Kenney: So what? Oh, go ahead.

00:02:49.130 --> 00:03:02.880
Pam Shipley: We just talk over each other, the whole topic.

00:03:02.880 --> 00:03:20.480
Pam Shipley: So Ally and I, we send pictures to each other about what shoes we should wear with this. What pants the tops. And you know we've all got Alison and I've known each other since we were 14. So our bodies have significantly changed in our in our fifties. So

00:03:20.610 --> 00:03:35.940
Pam Shipley: we're always finding a struggle of how to how to get dressed, how to look our best and in midlife we're struggling with our big problems, which is there like we talked about our our shift in our body weight.

00:03:36.130 --> 00:04:04.200
Pam Shipley: Can you kind of elaborate a little bit on. Some of the struggles that you see in your clients, and some of the tips that you tips and tricks that you give them. I know there's thousands, because everything from jewelry to earrings to handbags. I know that you have it all. Yeah. And it's also right. So I feel like on social media and my blog. I'm giving very general.

00:04:04.220 --> 00:04:05.230
halliesmac: I like.

00:04:05.270 --> 00:04:10.260
halliesmac:  true, but generalized tips

00:04:10.270 --> 00:04:20.890
halliesmac: right when I work with people, one on one, it becomes more specific. But the goal is that you, whether it's you, Alison, or you, Pam, or you, Jane DOE, can take that tip.

00:04:21.339 --> 00:04:31.520
halliesmac: and that's your starting place to then run with it, and then you get to play and figure out what works for you and what doesn't work for you right? So

00:04:31.600 --> 00:04:43.030
halliesmac: I would say a few of the things that I have seen with clients, and I've actually seen it for years. It's very humbling when you're actually going through it yourself.

00:04:43.120 --> 00:04:54.890
halliesmac: Right? So I will say when I was in my like, you know, thirties and forties, I was like, Oh, my gosh, yeah, you're getting hot flashes. Okay? Well, let's stress you in layers. Because again, if that makes sense.

00:04:54.890 --> 00:05:19.830
halliesmac: But I didn't really know what a hot flash was. And then I was like, okay. So I have a question on your, on your podcast do we swear, or do we not swear? You can swear? Okay. Oh, shit like. Oh, my gosh, I feel like I'm sitting on a hot plate. This is crazy town. So you know, there's a there's a understanding theoretically of how something happens. And then there's an understanding

00:05:19.830 --> 00:05:24.899
when it actually is happening to you or someone you love or whatever. And they are like, oh.

00:05:24.970 --> 00:05:50.490
halliesmac: okay, I got it right? So and I think that people, everybody has as one of the main things I have on my intake form. When I start to work with. Someone is like, I ask them really specific questions, how do you like your clothes to fit loose or tight? Are you a pack rat? Are you a minimalist? Are there things that you have? We all have our certain parts, like some people can't stand wool

00:05:50.490 --> 00:06:18.319
halliesmac: right? Some people can't have anything around their neck. It freaks them out. Other people want things around their neck. They're cold. I have other clients who've gone through menopause that now they're cold all the time. I'm like, oh, I cannot wait for that day, but they're cold all the time, like they wear silk underwear now, because they're always cold, which II again I can't relate, but I can help them figure that out. There's some people

00:06:18.320 --> 00:06:33.809
Pam Shipley: that the house will never, ever be below be above 70 degrees ever again. Is your my husband's cold all the time. So we are like in a little bit of a a struggle. You know we actually he.

00:06:34.210 --> 00:06:58.360
halliesmac: I will tell you. I got him this like heating pad thing like a mattress pad, so that we are not. We can have the room cooler. He can be warm, you know, because I was just like, I can't do this anymore. Like, I'm sweating, he's freezing. It's yeah. Yeah, no. My husband sleeps under 3 down blankets. Okay.

00:06:58.360 --> 00:07:21.049
halliesmac: I make it over here. So I think that that so some of the struggle, I think, is the hot flash and the sensitivity. Another is the redistribution of weight. So again, even if it doesn't change on the scale, necessarily, although for many, myself included, the scale has changed as well.

00:07:21.720 --> 00:07:26.350
halliesmac: where that weight is distributing and then using clothing.

00:07:27.070 --> 00:07:32.689
halliesmac: because clothing is an optical illusion where we have the power to to

00:07:32.960 --> 00:07:59.699
halliesmac: control. How that optical illusion, where attention is going to and where attention is going away from. And ideally, we want to create balance and harmony visually. And that's when someone looks and says, Oh, wow! She looks really good, and it's not always Oh, my gosh! She's so skinny! She looks really good. She looks. People will often say, like, Well, I wanna look put together.

00:07:59.810 --> 00:08:04.489
halliesmac: But hard I've put together is that everything is working in harmony?

00:08:04.530 --> 00:08:08.569
halliesmac: It's the same way when you know if one chooses to do

00:08:08.660 --> 00:08:13.620
halliesmac: cosmetic procedures, you know Botox or Filler, or that kind of stuff

00:08:14.130 --> 00:08:31.709
halliesmac: a practitioner that thinks about facial harmony is when you're like. Oh, she looks good. She doesn't look over filled. She doesn't look like she's chasing youth. She just looks harmonious. So that's that's what I tried to do with clothing is to use that for

00:08:32.200 --> 00:08:38.639
halliesmac: someone's advantage, and very often when people feel off, they think they're doing it. But they don't know

00:08:39.400 --> 00:08:43.949
halliesmac: they don't know how to use clothing

00:08:44.240 --> 00:09:14.230
halliesmac: to their advantage, and they're actually using it to their disadvantage. So I'll give you an example. Okay? Why, I can give you 2 examples. One is more general. Okay, so women, you know, we all know that people have different shapes, and everyone has their own unique body shape. And that's okay, and that's good. We own it. And then we have to work within that framework. It's also like all 3 of us are wearing glasses. We're not like, Oh, my gosh! I'm so ashamed my eyes are not working.

00:09:14.230 --> 00:09:42.730
halliesmac: We're like, Okay, cool. Let's go get cool glasses, you know, and then you put them. Oh, I can actually see. Right? So so you lean in and you embrace what you have. Okay, so women that are traditionally more of a triangular shape. That's a pair triangle, whatever. They carry more weight in their hips and their thighs, and they are smaller framed in their shoulders right?

00:09:43.060 --> 00:09:47.070
halliesmac: So very often. women that

00:09:47.270 --> 00:09:58.350
halliesmac: andnately are that shape tend to say, oh, this is my smaller part. I'm gonna wear something really small and tight there, and something big and flowy on the bottom to hide

00:09:58.600 --> 00:09:59.830
halliesmac: that area.

00:10:00.050 --> 00:10:17.810
halliesmac: But what actually happens is it's accentuating the disproportionateness between top and bottom. It is creating visually the top looking smaller, which is what they were intending to do. But when you're looking at it globally.

00:10:17.890 --> 00:10:30.449
halliesmac: it's not creating harmony. It's creating more disproportion right visually. So it doesn't mean you need to wear something big and bad hand top. But what it does often mean is that

00:10:30.800 --> 00:10:35.409
halliesmac: a woman that has that body shape if she wears something that's more of a boat neck.

00:10:35.570 --> 00:10:43.600
halliesmac: or something that has a little bit of a puff sleeve or a chunkier necklace. It is filling up

00:10:43.940 --> 00:11:11.339
halliesmac: the top part. So then it is feeling more balanced in proportion to the bottom cause. Ideally, what we're all trying to do is have somewhat of an hour glass shape, where the top and bottom are feeling proportionate with a bit of a nip at the waist, not meaning it has to be every time not meaning Marilyn Monroe. But if you're thinking about it again generally, that's the ultimate goal to create the harmony.

00:11:11.350 --> 00:11:14.810
halliesmac: So we're filling up where we have less

00:11:14.860 --> 00:11:23.989
halliesmac: and playing down and not adding more where we naturally have more. So dependent on your shape. That's the part of the hourglass. We wanna fill

00:11:24.360 --> 00:11:38.540
Allison Kenney: that kind of. So so the opposite, then. So if you're top heavy, right and you have belly fat, but you're not. Don't have big waist, that, are you? Then

00:11:38.610 --> 00:11:42.109
Allison Kenney: doing a tighter fit in the top.

00:11:43.020 --> 00:11:49.890
halliesmac: So it's not necessarily a tighter fit in the top. But it's the idea of

00:11:51.370 --> 00:12:03.519
halliesmac: Okay, so someone that is more that cheap which let's call that an apple or an oval right? Because that's what you're sort of describing so very often. Women with that shape will wear like a legging and a tunic.

00:12:03.620 --> 00:12:06.369
halliesmac: because they want to

00:12:06.660 --> 00:12:13.770
halliesmac:  have more grace up top. And they're like, Oh, my legs are skinny, I wanna wear, you know.

00:12:13.810 --> 00:12:33.340
halliesmac: So yes. And sometimes, if it's a a slim cut that has a little bit of a kick at the bottom.  it's creating more balance in proportion, or maybe it's a they are able to wear clunkier shoes or cool boots.

00:12:33.530 --> 00:12:39.699
halliesmac: because again, we want to create balance in proportion, we don't want it to be where it's like

00:12:39.840 --> 00:13:00.979
halliesmac: trying to think of the toy from what? It's not a weeble wobble, but you know what I mean like something where it's like bigger on the top, with 2 little sticks coming out. It's not we wanna create where it. So it doesn't mean you need to wear a wide like pants. And again, just because they're saying wide like pants are more in now, does not mean everyone needs to prescribe to that.

00:13:00.980 --> 00:13:14.860
halliesmac: But it might mean that instead of a true legging that gets really tight at the bottom of your cap, or like a little kick, flare like a mini little so more of a straight leg, and again you can do a clunkier

00:13:14.950 --> 00:13:23.290
halliesmac: shoe, and then maybe you are more of a delicate jewelry person or a person that has that shape often does better with a V-neck

00:13:23.600 --> 00:13:38.019
halliesmac: right? Or a scoop neck like what you're doing, so that you are seeing there's more skin or a necklace that goes down and sits in between the girls creates more visually.

00:13:39.000 --> 00:13:43.030
halliesmac: Right? So I have a question like that. Sure

00:13:43.810 --> 00:13:51.869
Pam Shipley: sip of coffee. Okay? Good. So I was in a store

00:13:52.000 --> 00:14:18.009
Pam Shipley: 5, 6 years ago, and I put on a address. I think it was by free people which tends to trend younger right? And I sat and I debated, and I hemmed and hog as I'm sitting there in the dressing room, and I'm like, am I too old for this I was. I think I was 50 at the time, so it's like 7 years ago at like. Should I not do it? Should I do it. II don't. I don't like my knees. I feel like

00:14:18.010 --> 00:14:30.150
Pam Shipley: everything falls and so I was. Really I was really struggling in the woman. The salesperson said. Here's what I'm gonna tell you. If it looks good you should wear it.

00:14:30.700 --> 00:14:31.690
Pam Shipley: And I

00:14:31.970 --> 00:14:59.250
Pam Shipley: I'm not. II wasn't sure about that, because I always had this other rule in my head that if I did the trend once I shouldn't do it again right if I did it like the long denim skirts that I did in. You know my team. My! I don't even know what in the seventies. And now they're back, and I now I'm obsessed with them. But okay, so like there was, there was always this rule, so is there a rule that says, if

00:14:59.560 --> 00:15:03.910
Pam Shipley: it it doesn't matter how old you are, you should wear it if it looks good.

00:15:04.190 --> 00:15:09.670
halliesmac: Do you believe so? I do believe that. But I'm gonna add on

00:15:10.100 --> 00:15:16.109
halliesmac: a comma and more to the sentence. Okay, and you feel good in it.

00:15:16.520 --> 00:15:27.680
halliesmac: right? It's not just a matter. If it looks good, it has to feel good to you, and I find that many, many women I don't don't know why I'd be curious. I don't know why.

00:15:28.020 --> 00:15:29.030
halliesmac: have

00:15:29.260 --> 00:15:33.469
halliesmac: disconnected the part of it. Feels good

00:15:33.790 --> 00:15:55.920
halliesmac: right. They're not tuned into that inner voice of Oh, no, this feels I like it. I feel good. I feel confident I could go kick some ass, it's more external. Do they think it's okay? Did the girl at the store think it looks good? Did my husband think it looks good? Does my child think it looks good? Does my best friend think it looks good.

00:15:55.940 --> 00:16:03.999
halliesmac: and I think that that's information if that helps you process it. But at the end of the day you have to re

00:16:04.060 --> 00:16:08.660
halliesmac: plug into your gut to know what feels good for you.

00:16:08.850 --> 00:16:15.109
halliesmac: So one of the yeah, I was just gonna say, the the hard part of that is especially coming out of Covid.

00:16:15.250 --> 00:16:19.140
Allison Kenney: I mean, we all got to where I'm just going to be comfortable.

00:16:19.260 --> 00:16:29.839
Allison Kenney: right? I'm gonna wear leggings and this top or this top of just jeans. And I would be comfortable. And then it's like, Okay, now, I have to reappear into the world again. And

00:16:30.070 --> 00:16:37.229
Allison Kenney: how do you balance? This is what I felt comfortable with to this isn't working for me

00:16:37.560 --> 00:16:45.449
Allison Kenney: anymore. I need to go to the next stage and balance the 2 right, and I don't think they're mutually exclusive.

00:16:45.600 --> 00:16:48.340
halliesmac: That's a big part of it. Right. Trust me.

00:16:48.360 --> 00:16:59.949
halliesmac: I get home at the end of the day, and I cannot wait to take my bra off and put on my comfy clothes right. But there is some stuff that is comfy at home, and there's some stuff that's comfy

00:17:00.070 --> 00:17:17.099
halliesmac: when we go out. If that's important to you now, I don't think the younger generations care quite as much. My! I think my daughter is fabulous and gorgeous, but the way she and her friends go to school it's borderline homeless and like

00:17:17.700 --> 00:17:40.500
halliesmac: it literally, it's like the most oversized sweatshirt. It's slippers with socks, with like a hoodie with zoom medicine on their face sometimes like I don't understand. And again, maybe that's my uptight, or Mike our generation or whatever. But I don't, and I will get on Instagram in my comfy clothes and talk to

00:17:40.610 --> 00:18:03.720
halliesmac: people. So it's not that, I think. Oh, my gosh, I did! You watch that show? The marvelous Mrs. Maisel, of course. Okay. So you remember how she would like go to bed, and then get up early to have her makeup on. So when her husband woke up, I'm not suggesting that I think that little right, but to me. There is a difference between at home and then

00:18:03.800 --> 00:18:20.159
halliesmac: A and people in your home. Yes, you should be at home. But then there's a difference between I'm not going to work in an office. I'm not going to present something to a group. I'm not going out to a a nicer dinner the same way I would be at home.

00:18:20.280 --> 00:18:39.840
halliesmac: That's what makes me feel comfortable, though, if someone else feels comfortable and confident doing that. God bless they! A 100% should, and I don't mean it in a passive okay, you do you? I don't mean it that way, but, like truly, you have to do you, and you have to know what feels good for you.

00:18:40.410 --> 00:18:41.150
halliesmac: but

00:18:41.260 --> 00:18:47.019
halliesmac: if it doesn't, you also have to like, be honest and self reflective.

00:18:47.090 --> 00:18:53.400
halliesmac: It can't be like a default like, Oh, I don't know what to do. So screw it. I'm just gonna do this.

00:18:54.260 --> 00:19:00.410
halliesmac: That's what a lot of it is, too. Yeah, I mean, I don't confident at the gym.

00:19:00.500 --> 00:19:03.890
halliesmac: but I don't. You know I'm not like well, I'm not gonna go

00:19:03.960 --> 00:19:20.769
halliesmac: because I think it's important for me and for my health and for my mental well being, and so I will find either someone to help me there or right it. So it's I could sit in bed, meet bomb bonds all day, and not do anything but that. I don't think that's good for me. No, not every day.

00:19:20.810 --> 00:19:26.990
halliesmac: right? But it's interesting, because I think

00:19:27.000 --> 00:19:38.540
Pam Shipley: other people's voices take up rent in our head. They they take up space. So like I hear. Sometimes I hear I have daughters, and they're in their twenties. And so they're in, you know. There's

00:19:38.650 --> 00:20:04.540
Pam Shipley: they're super, II want to say, super critical. But they're like they're observant. They're incredibly observant. And so I hear in my head their voice of Oh, Mom, definitely, don't wear that, or mom you you should rock that. You can rock that. But like when you, when you step outside, you have to have your own voice in your head, and you have to be

00:20:04.630 --> 00:20:29.210
Pam Shipley: confident in what you're wearing, whether it's your. You know your sweat pants, you know, and I queue right? So I, my daughters also had gone school dress like homeless people, and it was always actually my oldest daughter went to school in North Carolina, so she could not wear to wear like little dresses and booties, and that was how she went to school every day until her senior year.

00:20:29.210 --> 00:20:41.890
Pam Shipley: But my youngest was it in Maryland, was literally in sweatpants and disgusting clothes and giant hoodies. But it it really is about owning

00:20:41.980 --> 00:20:44.450
Pam Shipley: who you are when you step out the door.

00:20:44.510 --> 00:20:52.359
Pam Shipley: And I think that's that's where midlife women need to kind of hone in right.

00:20:52.480 --> 00:21:05.079
Allison Kenney: I think that we, as women of our generation, we did a great job building our daughters and making them feel good about themselves. I think we did a much better job of that to our daughters than

00:21:05.170 --> 00:21:08.670
Allison Kenney: our moms did to us. because

00:21:08.940 --> 00:21:16.690
Allison Kenney: we have constantly, you know, we're constantly second guessing our everything and trying to have this

00:21:17.090 --> 00:21:18.490
Allison Kenney: unobtainable

00:21:18.730 --> 00:21:20.310
Allison Kenney: look.

00:21:20.650 --> 00:21:31.270
Allison Kenney: and if we don't have that, then we're critical of ourselves. But I do think that our girls we need to find a balance in how our girls feel about themselves.

00:21:31.960 --> 00:21:33.020
Allison Kenney: and

00:21:33.590 --> 00:21:37.689
Allison Kenney: how we can feel good about ourselves, and still

00:21:38.020 --> 00:21:40.350
Allison Kenney: understand that perfection is not the

00:21:40.460 --> 00:21:47.160
halliesmac: the key, not the key, because I actually think that.

00:21:47.460 --> 00:22:05.710
halliesmac: especially for our generation and our peers, it it sets off alarms of like in authenticity. Did I pronounce that properly. Let's say it that way. So no, I don't think perfection is key, and I actually think that very often

00:22:06.620 --> 00:22:18.730
halliesmac: people will come to me and say like, Well, I want to look effortless like that's a word put together, an effortless. Those are 2 words I hear a lot from people. The truth is effortlessness.

00:22:19.500 --> 00:22:26.590
halliesmac: whether you're a dancer or a basketball player. So it takes practice. You're right to get

00:22:26.750 --> 00:22:27.909
halliesmac: to look

00:22:27.980 --> 00:22:31.450
halliesmac: effortless. But

00:22:31.570 --> 00:22:32.610
halliesmac: that

00:22:33.630 --> 00:22:40.540
halliesmac: juxtaposition, the imperfection leaning into our own imperfections. helps

00:22:41.530 --> 00:22:46.079
halliesmac: that ease it. It helps with the ease. So

00:22:46.130 --> 00:23:01.889
halliesmac: like. Remember S, when Cindy Crawford, like she kept her bowl, and it's like, Oh, she had her, but that is not perfect, but it is very her, and very beautiful, and she should. So people that are looking to perfect

00:23:01.950 --> 00:23:10.789
halliesmac: it it. It's not necessarily what we want, and I think it makes others feel uncomfortable. So so again, I think there's a place

00:23:10.960 --> 00:23:13.880
halliesmac: for other people's voices

00:23:14.010 --> 00:23:17.399
halliesmac: in our heads like that's being part of a society.

00:23:17.420 --> 00:23:31.840
halliesmac: There are. There is something to be said for societal norms and picking up queues of what make other people fear feel comfortable along with what makes us feel comfortable. But you know, if you go way over dressed

00:23:32.030 --> 00:23:46.760
halliesmac: to to an event, if you go to a backyard barbecue, and you're wearing a cocktail dress. It makes you feel uncomfortable, and it makes the people there feel uncomfortable, cause they're like I'm wearing my jeans, you know. So

00:23:47.820 --> 00:23:55.479
halliesmac: so it's this balance. But I think at the end of the day it's about self awareness and self reflection. And I think that's the key

00:23:55.600 --> 00:24:10.649
halliesmac: for everything right and easier said than done. A 100% easier said than done. But one of the exercises I go through with my clients. One of the exercises I go through with the women that take my course. Which

00:24:11.370 --> 00:24:28.140
halliesmac: self promotion it's in January 2024. I have a wait list happening for it, and it's a 3 month course where I take women through to be your own personal stylist. So you learn all the tips and tricks that I do. We work in small groups. So it's

00:24:28.680 --> 00:24:56.809
halliesmac: it's amortized over multiple people, which is nice. That makes it more financially accessible, but still have access to me and still have feedback. So but so I do this with literally everyone I like people. And you guys can do it too. So here's the tip. Come up with words to create your own style statement. So sometimes that's what your current style is. And sometimes it's what your what you want your style to be

00:24:57.130 --> 00:24:59.209
halliesmac: right? What kind of words?

00:24:59.360 --> 00:25:18.939
halliesmac: So, okay, so one thing, actually, that I do offer on my website is a style quiz where I went through and said, Okay, like, do you like this bedroom pick? Which of the 4 bedrooms you like? Cause it's not only about fashion, right? It's not only about what nail color do you like? What flowers do you like? What

00:25:18.980 --> 00:25:29.859
halliesmac: coffee would you order? Right? All the different things where we're making choices. And then I went through and said, Okay, well, if they pick this, this is more their style, and and it goes through and does it for you right.

00:25:29.960 --> 00:25:36.219
halliesmac: and I also encourage people to take it twice, because very often you're like choosing between 2.

00:25:36.280 --> 00:25:51.279
halliesmac: Excuse me, and we don't only have one style. Right. We're not like one only classic all the time. Very often we have a a overriding, overarching style, and then we have sort of sub styles that

00:25:52.010 --> 00:26:02.870
halliesmac: we're attracted to, and that we plug in at certain times. But so a style statement ideally would be between 4 and 6 words

00:26:02.900 --> 00:26:06.769
halliesmac: that are a combination of

00:26:06.970 --> 00:26:12.969
halliesmac: how you want people to feel when you see that when they see you

00:26:13.010 --> 00:26:14.800
halliesmac: along with

00:26:14.990 --> 00:26:28.750
halliesmac:  what we think of as traditional style words. So do you want actually hold on 1 s, I'm gonna get my form that I do this with. And I can actually take you through it.

00:26:28.780 --> 00:26:47.950
Pam Shipley: Luxury, one of those new style. There was coastal grandma for a while now there's quiet luxury.

00:26:48.620 --> 00:26:55.620
Pam Shipley: but interesting. I've never. I've never heard how you want people to feel when

00:26:55.860 --> 00:27:00.170
halliesmac: right like, I'm a terrible typer. By the way.

00:27:00.600 --> 00:27:06.949
halliesmac: I do. I do. I think I flunked out of

00:27:07.640 --> 00:27:11.719
Pam Shipley: typing class. I had typing class in high school.

00:27:11.880 --> 00:27:18.109
halliesmac: Yeah, I think I had it in middle school, and I did not do very well. Just so, you know.

00:27:18.200 --> 00:27:30.370
halliesmac: Okay, wait in person. I have all these different how to define your style. Here we go. Great! I should have it memorized, but I don't. So if you think of it as

00:27:31.650 --> 00:27:43.760
halliesmac: a bubble. Right? And you have 3 words on the top and 3 words on the bottom, and your names in the middle. right? So the top. 3 words are more.

00:27:44.240 --> 00:27:56.469
halliesmac: your brand right? So the values and the needs and the band brand promises that represent your style and how you want to be felt by others. So I'll give you a couple of examples.

00:27:56.600 --> 00:27:58.030
halliesmac: Confident.

00:27:58.330 --> 00:28:01.220
halliesmac: smart, engaging.

00:28:01.270 --> 00:28:02.680
halliesmac: friendly.

00:28:03.360 --> 00:28:07.780
halliesmac: easygoing, successful, wealthy

00:28:07.910 --> 00:28:09.230
halliesmac: jet center.

00:28:09.490 --> 00:28:13.090
halliesmac: Okay, those are just a few. You can come up with your own

00:28:13.360 --> 00:28:21.420
halliesmac:  but those right? So they're not what we necessarily think of as style words per se. They're more

00:28:21.480 --> 00:28:43.309
halliesmac: it it's really you are your own brand, and then the bottom 3 are words that describe looks, or images, or styles that excite you visually. So these are words that you think of that light you up about your style and your appearance of clothes or shoes, or that kind of thing? So again, examples would be

00:28:43.360 --> 00:28:49.630
halliesmac: classic, romantic put together, polished, trendy.

00:28:49.690 --> 00:28:55.610
halliesmac: edgy foe. conservative, artistic

00:28:57.250 --> 00:29:03.609
halliesmac: rock and roll. You know, there's all these different ones that again appeal to to different people.

00:29:03.740 --> 00:29:18.729
halliesmac: And when you think of like 2 to 3 on top or 2 to 3 on bottom? That then, can create your style statement, and very often there can be some that feel like they're juxtaposed.

00:29:19.270 --> 00:29:25.669
halliesmac: And that's okay, because that's where the interest comes. That's where that like imperfection

00:29:25.700 --> 00:29:34.170
halliesmac: that creates interest and authenticity comes from that juxtaposition. So someone may be

00:29:34.570 --> 00:29:38.260
halliesmac: you know, easy going and

00:29:38.590 --> 00:29:52.050
halliesmac: confidence, which you wouldn't think necessarily goes together right? And then classic. But edgy again, probably don't go together. But if those are the words that you're like, yeah, that's what feels right.

00:29:52.570 --> 00:30:02.570
halliesmac: own it, and then try and look around when you're using those words, and see if, when you're getting dressed, if the outfits that feel really good for you

00:30:02.610 --> 00:30:05.159
halliesmac: have those words in them.

00:30:06.030 --> 00:30:07.270
halliesmac: and

00:30:07.300 --> 00:30:18.790
halliesmac: if that outfit is feeling off. Go back to the words once you've sort of finalized the words. And again, it's a process. It's not a magic wand.

00:30:18.950 --> 00:30:30.440
halliesmac: It really is a process of like, Oh, this is working for me, or this isn't, or this this feels right or it doesn't. It's tapping in going through those exercises really taps into your inner voice.

00:30:30.680 --> 00:30:51.580
Allison Kenney: So at the end of the day, that's all that flip in matters yeah. Can I share with you my words? Yes, I'd love to know them, and maybe Pam as well if she'd like. So, my my brand, I, taking some of these words, is friendly, successful, easygoing. That's what I want to share with others.

00:30:51.630 --> 00:30:54.900
Allison Kenney: and then the describe my style that

00:30:55.060 --> 00:30:56.369
Allison Kenney: that lights me up.

00:30:56.400 --> 00:30:59.520
Allison Kenney: But I try to attain, and that's

00:30:59.780 --> 00:31:02.330
Allison Kenney: classy put together and feminine.

00:31:02.960 --> 00:31:04.109
halliesmac: I love that

00:31:04.440 --> 00:31:05.580
Allison Kenney: so.

00:31:05.920 --> 00:31:31.820
Allison Kenney: I love florals. I do II love florals, but my, but I've been told I cannot wear floral, because it makes me look old so. But I love floral big flowers. How it gets interpreted. And, Pam, I want to hear your words, but I wanna talk for 1 s about so

00:31:32.400 --> 00:31:43.359
halliesmac: you can and should love it. It's how to make it work for you. So I'll give you an example. A few years ago I had a client that was a C-suite executive

00:31:43.610 --> 00:31:44.800
halliesmac: She was

00:31:44.860 --> 00:31:48.480
halliesmac: very well endowed. She was busty, and

00:31:49.650 --> 00:32:01.950
halliesmac: she didn't feel herself in like a true conservative brooks brothers or Tahari suit, or something like that, right? What she actually really liked was romantic.

00:32:02.030 --> 00:32:20.439
halliesmac: That was one of the words that. And when I looked at her home. And again, that's something that I get to do when I work one on one with people, I'm able to take what happens in their home. I'm able to see how they decorate. I'm able to see, and that is a reflection very often of yours. Excuse me very often of yourself. So

00:32:20.450 --> 00:32:33.009
halliesmac: she really did like romantic, but she's like every time I try to wear that, you know the ruffles. It's too much on my bust, and it's too, and the floral. I feel like I'm just. It's too much. So that's where

00:32:33.010 --> 00:32:53.670
halliesmac: I got to come in. And I loved it, cause it was a really cool challenge. It wasn't just a cookie cutter. And most of my clients are not cookie cutters, and what we did is we looked for ways to incorporate it, but more subtly so. We found a blazer for her that had, like a lace inlay in the back.

00:32:54.180 --> 00:33:12.230
halliesmac: right? So she was able to still have that. But it wasn't necessarily chiffon ruffles down the front of her shirt right? It was able to have something that was floral. And actually we put put her in a floral pant, because her body shape was a little more. That

00:33:12.240 --> 00:33:20.559
halliesmac: that oval or that apple. And that's another way to add, when we're talking at the beginning about visual volume, so adding

00:33:20.690 --> 00:33:28.660
halliesmac: something of interest, like a print on the bottom, creates visual volume at the bottom half of your

00:33:28.780 --> 00:33:37.500
halliesmac: hourglass right? So by having that, and then she was able to wear like a solid blazer and have downplay, not downplay, but

00:33:37.570 --> 00:33:42.469
halliesmac: right visually minimize the top. They'll be true to her aesthetic.

00:33:42.500 --> 00:33:56.869
halliesmac: and but it's thinking of it in different ways. It's not necessarily like, Oh, I have to wear a floral blouse because floral blouses are in, or floral dresses, how to interpret it for yourself and II

00:33:57.320 --> 00:34:06.589
halliesmac: cooking metaphors because I think we all need to eat. And right? So it's the same way. If you have an allergy to

00:34:06.740 --> 00:34:23.229
halliesmac: peanuts, you just omit the P event. The recipe calls for peanuts. Omit it, just change it, or we'll use some. It it just because that's what the recipe is doesn't mean. That's how you have to have it. If you like. Things spicier, add more spice.

00:34:23.310 --> 00:34:30.160
halliesmac: If you don't, don't. The clothes are like the chicken in the potatoes.

00:34:30.690 --> 00:34:45.379
halliesmac: but they can be interpreted in any way. It can be a Mexican dish. It can be an Italian dish. It can be a Chinese dish, it can be, you know, steak and potatoes on the grill. So you get to put your own spin on it. That's just the

00:34:46.040 --> 00:35:12.199
halliesmac: that's just literally the. It's also not your blood type. So it does not forever. So it gets to evolve with you as you evolve. There's probably some that will be a consistent.

00:35:12.240 --> 00:35:23.400
Allison Kenney: But you get to have fun and play. Okay, Pam, I feel like we ignored you can. We talk about your I actually, because it actually takes time to really think about it. But now I like.

00:35:23.540 --> 00:35:35.589
Pam Shipley: I'm sitting here visualizing Alison. How you can incorporate your flowers like into like a really cool duster with like a big like, you know that you that has some flowers on it. So it. It.

00:35:35.780 --> 00:35:37.610
Pam Shipley: It does what you want.

00:35:37.720 --> 00:35:47.869
Pam Shipley: Right? Yeah. Al I, Alison and I. We battled back and forth because she had all of these big flowery blouses, and I made her get

00:35:48.070 --> 00:36:00.389
Allison Kenney: put them aside. But I think that's what you know, but that's what friends do is they're honest with you

00:36:00.470 --> 00:36:10.990
halliesmac: right? And you also have to for yourself. Think about who you're taking advice from. Right. It has to be someone that you trust, and they feel has your best

00:36:11.120 --> 00:36:13.800
halliesmac: best intentions

00:36:13.840 --> 00:36:16.219
halliesmac: in mind. So

00:36:16.390 --> 00:36:21.870
halliesmac: you know, that's it also. And I think that's why there's so much distrust

00:36:22.040 --> 00:36:25.120
halliesmac: sadly for

00:36:25.440 --> 00:36:36.499
Allison Kenney: people that work in retail. Oh, my God, that looks fabulous, and they're like no, it doesn't.

00:36:36.520 --> 00:36:38.080
halliesmac: In all fairness

00:36:38.300 --> 00:36:48.879
halliesmac: I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt that very often it probably does look better on you than many people they've seen in it, right? So that's part of it.

00:36:48.980 --> 00:36:54.530
halliesmac: And the second part is, they don't really know you. They're just looking at it quickly.

00:36:54.540 --> 00:37:18.969
halliesmac: That's true. Right? So yes. Are they motivated by the sale and the Commission? Yes, and they're human, right? But that's why, having a style statement in your hip pocket, you're able to say like, Oh, this isn't feeling right, why is it not feeling right? Is it matching my style statement, and if it is, if it's clicking all those boxes, then maybe there's another reason, or maybe you're like, no, actually it is. But very often.

00:37:19.030 --> 00:37:25.399
halliesmac: It's not matching your style statement, and that's why you're having that like hesitation.

00:37:25.800 --> 00:37:29.590
Pam Shipley: that struggle. So how II

00:37:30.070 --> 00:37:38.259
Pam Shipley: I think that that kind of perfectly translates into what you do and how you hit your.

00:37:38.480 --> 00:37:58.200
Pam Shipley: how you are, how you manage to reach so many people. And can you talk about your Facebook group. You have a private Facebook group that's like as as if you are our personal stylist. Right? So you the way you described it. Yes. So I have a private Facebook group called all dressed up with somewhere to go.

00:37:58.200 --> 00:38:22.769
halliesmac: There's specific content that we will put there. So I will do. Try ons from different stores where I will. Literally, I'm trying things on. And I'm like, Oh, this is from Banana Republic. It's awesome. But you know what I think it runs small. And this is this good. I'm glad that's what I want, or I like this, but you know it's a little itchy. So if you're sensitive to it, you might not want it. Or

00:38:22.770 --> 00:38:32.910
halliesmac: here's this, this is how I would wear it. So I put that content is exclusively for the Facebook group. The other things that we do there. And there are

00:38:32.970 --> 00:38:35.060
halliesmac: few 1,000 members I want to say.

00:38:35.070 --> 00:38:44.410
halliesmac: don't quote me. I wanna say it's 4,000, but I don't totally know off the top. My head and people will also post their questions, and then

00:38:44.430 --> 00:39:09.140
halliesmac: I do weigh in. But honestly, I wait to see what the other members of the community weigh in and say, first, because again, we don't need to let other people's opinions live rent free in our head. But we still do care about what other people think, or we just be living in our own little bubble. Right? So I can promise. It's monitored. So it's a kind group. Nobody's ever saying anything mean.

00:39:09.210 --> 00:39:22.360
halliesmac: But it is you get a sense of oh, how is this looking to other people right? So someone put up there that she was going to visit her daughter at college, and she was sharing the text, going back and forth.

00:39:22.410 --> 00:39:46.490
halliesmac: and what she wanted to wear, and that ours like, Oh, don't wear this, don't wear that one bars. Oh, don't do this or whatever. And so some people are giving suggestions like you could wear this, or you could wear that. I eventually did weigh in. And I'm like, what I'm seeing is that your daughter wants you to blend in. She wants you to wear a uniform. Now that's your choice. If you want to do that or not for her. But that's what I'm hearing and seeing.

00:39:46.530 --> 00:40:04.090
halliesmac: And then I think she did actually some version of that. And again, moms and daughters that we could do like a 9 h podcast, on that there is a whole other. There's a lot of love. But there's a whole other that comes with that. And I think that

00:40:04.120 --> 00:40:06.250
halliesmac: in all honesty. That's a lot

00:40:06.310 --> 00:40:15.359
halliesmac: of the reason people will hire me is I'm not their mom. I'm not their sister, and I'm not their husband, so I'm coming to it

00:40:15.420 --> 00:40:29.179
halliesmac: without any baggage. And when I say, Okay, like, that's great. But I think we could do better. They're like, Okay, great. Let's do it. What do we do? We're like? If not, I promise you I adore my mother if

00:40:29.860 --> 00:40:59.139
halliesmac: she if Pam or else, and if you said to me, Oh, hell you cut your hair, I'd be like, oh, my God, I did! Blah blah blah! And if my mom said, Oh, honey, you cut your hair, I'd be like, why, what's wrong? So that's what the Facebook group does. It does. You need do need to

00:40:59.140 --> 00:41:01.849
halliesmac: ask to be accepted. We do monitor it

00:41:01.890 --> 00:41:28.100
halliesmac:  but it. And we post, you know, my weekly blog in there, and we post outfit prompts. And it's really a lovely, lovely community. Where where else can people find you? They can also find me on Instagram. My handle is the wardrobe consultant. I will tell you that. Yes, I. My feed is much more polished and curated. My stories are where it's at, where that is like

00:41:28.280 --> 00:41:51.049
halliesmac: every day. There's something I'm often there without makeup talking about, you know. That's also where I share things, I'll be like, oh, I got Botox today. This is what happened to my eyebrows. I have a weekly blog that comes out on Tuesdays, and it usually is some sort of. There's always links there shopping. But there's also tips and tricks. I think. Next week

00:41:51.290 --> 00:42:13.210
halliesmac: what are we talking about next week. Oh, we're talking about the new shape of jeans, you know that. And what like? How do those Combos work? And why do they work and not work where with it barrel jeans or wide, like trousers, jeans, or even like a straight leg. But things that aren't skinny because everyone

00:42:13.210 --> 00:42:28.750
halliesmac: kind of is like, Okay, I got the memo. Skinnies aren't Anne? And many people have even bought them. But now they're hanging in their closet, cause they're like what the F do I do with them like they're there. Okay, I did it. But like, how do I like play the record through? I can't figure it out.

00:42:28.770 --> 00:42:38.299
halliesmac: So that's what next week's is about. And those are always there. They live in eternity on the Internet. But it's Instagram, Facebook.

00:42:38.340 --> 00:42:58.100
halliesmac: I'm on Tiktok, although it's really the exact same content that's on Instagram, because I that's for young people almost daily quote, like, you know what I learned on tick, tock blah, blah blah. So he likes that better. But

00:42:58.210 --> 00:43:24.120
Pam Shipley: people are raising their children based on Tiktok now, literally getting parenting advice on tick tockets. Okay, yeah, you're you're fantastic. I highly recommend that you guys follow her. She's amazing. She's authentic. That's how I would really describe you is, you are very authentic, very real. And

00:43:24.120 --> 00:43:36.520
Allison Kenney: we're so grateful. Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom with us, and we're going to give everybody your links

00:43:36.610 --> 00:44:01.479
halliesmac: on our blog as well, and then, if you would notify us when your course goes, live, we would love to share it with everybody. I would love that Yup, it will. But there is a wait list. I'll make sure that that's live so that you guys do that, and then those will be the first people to find out about. When the course happens. It will be early 2024, like when everyone's ready and they're like, alright. I went through the holiday like the same way people join a gym. It's like, Okay, I'm ready myself.

00:44:01.480 --> 00:44:11.629
Allison Kenney: Let's get rid of all the act, and let's go bring in the new. And yeah, bring in the new. And then, you know, there's some accountability accountability there also, because there's a group.

00:44:11.630 --> 00:44:28.139
halliesmac: So you're sort of like, okay, like, by this week. I'm gonna get this done and it just it. Ha! II work well with accountability. If not, thank you. Thank you guys, I appreciate.

00:44:28.260 --> 00:44:31.330
Allison Kenney: See you guys next week. Bye.